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We need you to understand a few things before you sign up so that we can keep offering the best product at the lowest price possible. To do this we need you to agree to, and understand the following.
  1. Please read and understand our Terms of Use
  2. Any subscriber data that you upload must always meet your local SPAM and Privacy legislation requirements. Unfortunately if you breach these laws we may have to terminate your access and delete all data.
  3. FREEMIUM account holders must complete all items that appear on the Getting Started Checklist within your account to maintain the FREE account option. We recommend watching the videos above for further information.
  4. Because criminals exist we unfortunately need to complete a pre-authorisation check on your credit card. The 0.50c charge is credited back to your account after the pre-authorisation is confirmed which in some circumstances may take up to a week.
  5. If you have any issues or problems with your account we ask that you let us know first so that our team of experts can help rather than announcing it on social media. If not, we reserve the right to cancel your account at any time.
  6. eBlasting does suck so please try and campaign like a professional! If you have questions, just ask us! Happy Campaigning!
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Why are we asking for your Credit Card?

Simply because there are some people who don't play by the rules so we need to check that you are a legitimate user.

The good news is: We do this by taking a pre-authorization payment of just 50c from your credit card. The pre-authorization is then cancelled.

It will also make it easier should you wish to purchase additional web forms or upgrade your account in future.

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